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Second Asia Focusing International Conference

More than 30 focusers from Hong Kong, especially from HKFI, attended the second Asia Focusing International Conference held at Shanghai, China on November 8-10, 2019. There were around 300 participants coming all over the world to this conference, sharing their focusing experiences under the theme ” Focusing and Asian Culture”. During the celebration dinner, the Executive Director of TIFI USA, Ms. Catherine Torpey, delivered 21 certificates to graduated Focusing Trainers, and 17 came from Hong Kong.

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成為自己的密友 - Wholebody Focusing 全身生命自覺工作坊

生命自覺(FOCUSING) 深信身體之智慧,而身體與我們的關係是密不可分,當相信身體被允許做回它自己時,它就會呈現智慧來處理生活上的問題和困擾。成為我們的良師益友。 全身生命自覺(Wholebody Focusing)利用一個自然流動的過程,讓覺察的能力再次喚醒深藏在身體內中之智慧,藉它帶領踏出生命所需的下一步,重新找回與己與人之連繫。 課程重點: 以全身生命自覺的方式, 聆聽身體內在聲音; 喚


內容取自洪梅老師與前田滿壽美老師的對話: 珍妮特克萊因畢業於UCLA,二十五年商業上成功的經營,但經歷婚姻的失敗與痛苦,為了尋找人生意義她結束了生意,1983年進入Illinois school of professional Psychology心理博士課程進行Felt sense與Empathy的研究。在那裡遇見了簡德林的聚焦教學,還有後來的搭檔瑪麗,克萊因全身心地體驗感受到聚焦的魅力。 深深


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